OE Week Escape from Reg Erhardt Library
It's Friday night and your friends suggest you all head over to the library on campus. You claim that you're too burned out to study, but one of your friends explains that, no, you're all going to play hide-and-seek. Intrigued, you decide to tag along. As soon as your group enters the library, one of your group shouts "I'm it!" and everyone scatters. You don't really have a plan, so you descend to the lower level and panic because you have no idea where to hide. Then you spot a "Staff Only" door. Perfect! You approach the door and try the handle. It's open! You quickly shut the door behind you and spot a pile of boxes to hide behind. After crouching behind the boxes for some time, you check your phone. The battery's dead. You have no idea how long you've been hiding, so you decide to head out. Oh no! The door is now locked. To the right of the door you notice a laptop you didn't see when you entered. There is also a flashlight on the table beside the laptop. On the laptop a webpage with a question is open in the browser -
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