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Vision: At Western we foster student learning, engagement, and leadership for a sustainable campus, community, and world.
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Goal 1: Students develop grounding in cultural and global Interdependence.
• Objective 1.1: Increase participation in programs that connect students to sustainability in the local, regional, and global community.
• Objective 1.2: All first-year Western students, including transfers, will take part in a "First Year Experiences" program around Economic, Social, and Environmental (ESE) sustainability.
• Objective 1.3: Begin and/or enhance collaborations with other local education institutions in developing and supporting ESE sustainability curriculum: local schools, Whatcom Community College (WCC), Northwest Indian College (NWIC), and Bellingham Technical College (BTC).
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Goal 2: Through supported community and campus-based engagement, students have opportunities to gain knowledge and insight in "sustainability in practice."
• Objective 2.1: Enhance and increase co-curricular opportunities for student participation in campus-based sustainable practices.
• Objective 2.2: Increase student participation in service learning and civic engagement that connects to ESE sustainability.
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Goal 3: ESE sustainability principles are integrated into student education and research.
• Objective 3.1: Increase the number of opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to engage in sustainability focused projects, research, and grants.
• Objective 3.2: Every graduating student can name and understand the three principles of sustainability.
• Objective 3.3: Develop education and outreach programs targeting sustainable living practices.
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Goal 4: ESE sustainability principles are integrated in student career and lifelong sustainability practices.
• Objective 4.1: Cultivate student capacity and efficacy in creating positive change in ESE sustainability.
• Objective 4.2: Increase the number of pathways into sustainability-based careers available to WWU students.
• Objective 4.3: Graduating students have a demonstrated commitment to lifelong ESE sustainability.
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