dB-SERC lunch discussion 11/7/2016
Topic: Transforming a neuroscience course to an honors level course
When: Monday November 7 from 12 - 1 pm
Where: 321 Allen Hall

During the lunch, Dr. Debra Artim from the neuroscience department will discuss the design of a project for which she received a dB-SERC course transformation award. Dr. Artim plans to transform Neurophysiology to an honors level neuroscience course. The honors component of the course will involve primary literature readings and computer simulation modeling programs. Primary literature readings will be facilitated by journal club-type discussions and group presentations of primary literature. These exercises will help students develop their critical reading and thinking skills and understand the methodology underlying neurophysiology research. Students will also use computer simulation modeling programs to develop scientific reasoning skills. The purpose of the discussion is to discuss the implementation and assessment of the project and receive feedback from faculty members.
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