Support Group
If you are  feeling distressed or experience signs of depression and anxiety due to any reason , this support group is for you. The support group is running from July to October 2021.
The aim and purpose of the support group is to have a safe space to share, find support and a listening ear from fellow students who may be experiencing similar distress. It is facilitated by a Psychologist. For more information, visit our website
We have themes for each session to help you plan better and know what to expect. However, they are not restrictive or exhaustive. They maybe subject to change , depending upon the number of participants and interest found across the meetings or sessions.

The spaces are limited to ensure maximum benefit for all and smoother facilitation. Participation is first come first serve basis.  Please be mindful of holding up a spot if you do not plan to attend. You can inform us in advance.

Manotsav foundation does not ask for any payment or monetary compensation for the above Support Group program.
All data and information you share remains confidential with Manotsav Foundation.
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 All Support group sessions on alternate Fridays 4 pm-5 pm. You are welcome to attend few or All.
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The responses you choose to provide will be kept confidential. This helps us prepare for and facilitate the support group better. If not applicable , please mention the same.
Final Step! Please read carefully.                                                We require your consent and agreement:  "The information I have shared is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand the purpose of the support group and that my participation is voluntary. It is my responsibility to respect and maintain the confidentiality of any and all information shared by other participants in the support group.  I understand that its necessary to respect others' privacy and seek consent before contacting them outside support group meeting. Manotsav Foundation doesn't hold accountability for my personal actions and decisions. I am aware that recording of content or sharing any kind of recording is prohibited. I can reach out with any mental health concerns, questions or information on support group programs at"   *
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