2019 Holiday Lesson Preferences
With our new admin system on Teacherzone, lessons are now available every day/ week of the year if your teacher is available and you wish to maintain lesson and learning continuity. Although holidays are wonderful, lesson in school holidays throughout the year can greatly increase progress, as it is the consistent application to learning a musical skill that brings results.

The answers you provide on this form will be used to organise lessons scheduled on days that are public holidays or school holidays. This will then mean that your invoice/payment for some months may be reduced according to when the holiday lessons fall if you choose not to take lessons on holidays. You can find all term and holiday dates on our website.

Your answers here will determine whether you may in the future need to submit an online form to cancel lessons that fall on a public holiday or during school holidays.i.e. if you DO NOT want lessons on public holidays by registering that here, you should not need to complete any other forms unless you notice your booking on a particular day has not changed. Same goes for school holidays.

NB Student payments are made for each month of lessons usually on the 1st day of the month, so WMS admin has to make adjustments to their invoices PRIOR to the 1st of the month IF lessons are to be cancelled in that month for public or school holidays. 48 hours is required to cancel lessons prior to the start of a month.
Lessons that are cancelled disappear off your booking schedule, so you can see if your request to cancel a lesson in holidays has been applied.Please remember to make use of your account on teacherzone.com to view this information prior to sending an email or text.
Although WMS sends reminders to all student and teachers, everyone needs to be responsible for checking their own bookings and discussing holidays with their teacher to ensure everyone is clear.

If your schedule still seems to show lessons that should have been cancelled, please notify WMS via connect@wendysmusic.com.au.
Please avoid sending messages about cancellations via text.

I hope you will take advantage of the opportunity of maintaining progress during the year by making yourself available on some holidays.

many thanks for your patience as we launch our new system

yours musically


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