2019-20 LCAP Parent Survey
The Norris School District values parent input as it develops the Local Control Accountability Plan for the Local Control Funding Formula. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey and providing us with valuable information.
***If you have multiple students at the same school site, you only need to fill out the survey once.***
Please select your student's school. *
The district provides a high quality education for students. *
The district has adequate instructional supplies to support student learning. *
The district provides a variety of opportunities for parents to share input and feedback. *
The district effectively addresses attendance, dropout, and absenteeism issues. *
My child/children look(s) forward to attending school each day. *
I feel welcome when I visit my child's school. *
Students are safe while at school. *
The district values parents/guardians as important partners in their child's education. *
My child's school is clean and in good repair. *
The English Learner program is helping English learners to learn English as quickly as possible. *
All students have access to and are enrolled in a course of study that includes: *
Not Applicable
Reading/Language Arts
History/Social Science
Visual/Performing Arts (music, band, choir, art, etc.)
The district is preparing students for future college or career paths. *
I use Parent Portal to monitor my student's progress (3rd - 8th grades only). *
Please indicate which day of the week you would prefer to have Collaboration Days (late starts) take place for the 2020-2021 school year. *
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