Telling Immersive Stories from My Neighbourhood ?
"Telling Immersive Stories from My Neighbourhood" is an exploratory research by the VIRGiN project, which is a KIEM Creative Industries Subsidized project to develop and test VR news done by Breda University of Applied Sciences, Omroep Brabant, Breda Vandaag and Uitgeverij de Bode. This research is conducted to understand the types of stories from Breda communities and the story telling techniques young Dutch audiences from Brabant would use for 360 degree video user-generated regional news content.

As a participant, you are not expected to have any experience with using this immersive technology, the kickoff meeting on 13th or 14th of May in Breda University of Applied Science (Location: Sibeliuslaan 13, 4837 CA Breda) will provide you basic instructions on how to use 360 camera as well as the DOs and DONTs in the filming process and the advantages of this medium over traditional media within the professorship Digital Media Concepts.

You will be given a 360 camera and be asked to tell a story from Breda that you find relevant and in a way that fits the qualities of 360 film. Afterward, a content analysis of the resulting user generated video will be performed, followed by in-depth interviews with the creators. The best productions will be broadcasted by Breda Vandaag and the winning participants will be rewarded with valuable coupons from and invited for an interview.

Are you a "Bredanaar"? Join us for this exciting project!

Read more about VIRGiN project:

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