Tool Library Community Event Tool Reservation
Please fill out the form with your request and we will have everything ready on the date specified and confirm with you via email. We recommend reaching out at least TWO WEEK in advance of your event to ensure our volunteers can gather the appropriate tools.

Due to high demand and limited inventory we can not guarantee we will be able to provide all tools requested, though we will try our best!

Please note that this form is for large scale community events and NOT for individual tool reservations.

Keep in mind our hours are

Sunday-Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday-Friday: 2:00pm-7:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am-4:00pm

Contact us at with any questions or concerns. We also love to see and share how our tools are being used in the community! Please feel free to tag us on social media (@thetoollibrary) or send us a few pictures from your event!
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What tools do you need? *
Please be as specific as possible (shovel - pointed or flat?, rake - leaf or garden?) and include a quantity for each tool.
How many total tools will you be borrowing? *
Please note that Tool Belt Members ($30/year) can borrow up to 5 tools, Tool Box Members ($75/year) can borrow up to 25 tools, and Wheelbarrow Members ($150/year) can borrow up to 50 tools.
What date will you pick the tools up? *
You are able to borrow tools for ONE week.
What date will you return the tools? *
Please note that we are CLOSED on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays
I understand that I need a valid in date membership at The Tool Library in order to take these tools with me. *
Tool Belt Members ($30/year) can borrow up to 5 tools, Tool Box members ($75/year) can borrow up to 25 tools, and Wheelbarrow members ($150/year) can borrow up to 50 tools.
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