Zoom Rooms Control System API (ZR-CSAPI)
This form allows you to request that ZR-CSAPI capability be turned on for a Zoom account. You can then enable the functionality on one or more Zoom Rooms for that account.
What's the ZR-CSAPI?
The ZR-CSAPI is an SSH CLI that allows external automation controllers to control a Zoom Room over Ethernet. the ZR-CSAPI has documentation and a community forum on the Zoom developer site http://developer.zoom.us/ The ZR-CSAPI is available for Mac and Windows Zoom Rooms.
Who should should sign up?
Audio/Video integrators who want to install Zoom Rooms that utilize an automation controller.
What is the process?
1. Complete the sign-up form. You must include the Zoom Account that you would like to be enabled for ZR-CSAPI capability.
2. Once approved, a member of the Zoom team will enable the ZR-CSAPI functionality for your account.
3. Utilize the ZR-CSAPI functionality. Refer to the documentation and community forum at http://developer.zoom.us/
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