OpenVM Good Practice Examples
Have you participated in a Virtual Mobility (VM) activity/program in higher education? We are collecting Good Practice examples on different forms of Virtual Mobility from formalised (agreement between organisations) to informal (international collaboration without an agreement) and also virtual internships/placements as part of the EU strategic partnership – Open Virtual Mobility (Erasmus+, 2017-2020) dedicated to Virtual Mobility and Open Education: The aim is to create a comprehensive, digital collection of examples in the OpenVM Learning Hub to help educators, students and international officers organise, participate in and advise on VM opportunities. Please let us know about your project:
1. Features: What features did/does your project have?
Formal agreement between participating organisations
International organisations participating
Transfer and recognition of credits (e. g. ECTS)
Participation of companies/organisations outside highe education (e. g. virtual internship)
Participation of organisations outside the European Higher Education Area (EHEA, e. g. ECTS)
2. Description: Please describe your project in a nutshell including (a) the objectives, (b) timeline of activities, and (c) outcomes (e. g. skills, partnerships).
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3. Learning design: What are/were the key characteristics of the learning design of your VM activity (e. g. synchronous, asynchronous activities; location (in)dependent delivery; virtual or blended, OER, etc.)?
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4. Main target groups: Who are/were the participants in your VM activity (e. g. teachers, students)?
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5. Technologies used: Which technologies do/did you use (e. g. LMS, social media, video conferencing)?
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6. Resources used: Which resources do/did you use (e. g. OER, if yes, in what format, e. g. text, video, learning module)? Which licenses for reuse (GPL, FreeBSD, Creative Commons, etc.) do/did you use?
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7. Lessons learned and experiences: What are/were your key lessons learned and experiences regarding language, culture, equipment, access, assessment, awarding and recognition of ECTS?
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8. Recommendation: What are your key recommendations for future VM projects/activities?
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9. Website: Do you have a project website? Give us your URL:
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10. If you are the owner of this project, could we include it in our catalog in the OpenVM Learning Hub?
11. Main contact: Who could be contacted for further information?
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