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SQIL (Scientific Quest for Ideal Learning) is a scientific society established by a group of students from premier Indian institutes passionate about science, with the objective of promoting scientific temper among youth and moulding them to develop their scientific quest.

A joint venture by a group students from various Institutes of National Importance (IIT, IISER, AIIMS, JIPMER, IIM, NIT, IIIT, NID, IMSc, etc.), SQIL organizes webinars, workshops, talks,  panel discussions, quizzes, debates etc. and releases support materials for students all within the broad spectrum of science. SQIL also intends to provide guidance and support to students pursuing a career in science.

So, fill up this membership form to become a member of SQIL. And "let's explore science together".

For further details:
Email: sqilmain@gmail.com
WhatsApp: +917736816655
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