2020-2021 Maryetta Return to School Survey
Please take some time to complete the survey below which will remain open until 10:00 a.m. on Friday, July 3rd. We value and appreciate your input! Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Maryetta Administration
1. Regarding the return to school in August, what is your level of concern for personal health and safety of your child(ren)? *
Not Concerned
2. Please select the top three (3) concerns that you have about your child(ren) returning to school in August. Select no more than 3 options below: *
3. Social distancing on a school bus will be extremely difficult to achieve. If all students on the bus are required to wear a mask, as well as the driver, will your child(ren) ride a bus to or from school? *
4. What are the top two concerns you would like to see addressed when returning to school in August? *
5. What suggestions do you have about returning to school in August?
6. What are you looking forward to when we return in August and why?
7. If asked to do so, how likely are you to monitor your child's/children's temperature? *
8. When school reopens in August, which would you choose for your child(ren)? *
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