Intent of Interest for Spectra Baby USA Pumps & Accessories Certification
This is a free online, self-paced education program developed by Spectra Baby USA’s Senior IBCLC, who is a re-certified IBCLC and holds her Master’s degree in Health & Wellness: Lactation Studies.

The program provides the IBCLC:
• how to use as well as assemble Spectra Baby USA breast pumps and accessories
• technical specifications and medical indications of Spectra Baby USA breast pumps
• answers to frequently asked questions, warranty questions and cleaning instructions

The intention of the program is not to have the IBCLC endorse the Spectra brand pump only. The program was developed for IBCLCs to be properly educated on the medical indications, specifications and other factors including troubleshooting of our breast pumps.

Only IBCLCs will be allowed to be part of the Certification program, as this is recognized as the Gold Standard Lactation Professional by the US Surgeon General and other such entities.

Upon completion of the LMS program, the IBCLC would:
• become "certified" in Spectra Baby USA breast pumps and accessories
• have the ability to sell/house Spectra Baby USA breast pumps and/or accessories at wholesale pricing
• have hands-on learning with a DEMO Spectra Baby USA breast pump and accessory kit (for educational purposes)
• have a listing on our nation-wide interactive map of Spectra Certified IBCLCs (optional)

This certification will enable families to search for a local IBCLC who has completed the program that can assist in providing accurate information on the pump they are using and/or purchasing a breast pump or parts.

We appreciate what you do in your community and acknowledge the importance of IBCLCs as the “Gold Standard in Lactation”.

With this said, below is a list of benefits you will receive as a confirmed Spectra Baby USA program graduate:

No minimums on orders
Same day shipping for orders placed by 3pm EST
Wholesale pricing on all products
Professional Listing

S1 Plus Hospital Strength Rechargeable Electric Breast Pump (optional)

Complete Accessories Pack (optional) including:
20mm Breast Flange (1)
24mm Breast Flange (1)
28mm Breast Flange (1)
32mm Breast Flange (1)
Wide Neck Collection Bottle (1)
Collection Bottle Locking Ring (1)
Collection Bottle Disc (1)
Collection Bottle Cap (1)
Duckbill Valve (1)
Backflow Protector (1)
Tubing (1)
Silicone Massage Insert (1)
Small cap Converter (1)
Power Cord/AC Adapter (1)

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