Petition to change the GS National Program Portfolio

To: Kathy Hopinkah Hannan, Board Chair, GSUSA
Anna Maria Chavez, CEO, GSUSA

We, the members of GSUSA, respectfully request the following improvements be made to the National Program Portfolio:

1) Re-develop or minimize the Journeys to improve girl participation and engagement in the National Program Portfolio.

2) Augment the Girls’ Guides to Girl Scouting to include double the skill building badges offered per level.

3) Minimize the emphasis on Journeys in attaining Girl Scouts’ Highest Awards (Bronze, Silver, and Gold).

4) Include more emphasis on outdoor skills throughout the National Program Portfolio.

5) Improve information to better explain and detail Girl Scout traditions throughout the National Program Portfolio

We, the undersigned members, urge the national board and GSUSA’s executive team to take immediate action on these items. We strongly feel these changes will improve girl and adult member satisfaction and participation; leading to increased recruitment and retention numbers nationwide.

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    Information about the petition:

    This petition is part of a campaign created by a group of Girl Scout members and volunteers. We host a FB page and have completed two nationwide surveys. Find us on FB at: Results of our surveys can be viewed at: This petition, accompanying signatures, and comments will be sent to GSUSA. We will keep members updated on the progress of the petition on our FB page. Names and other identifying information will NOT be shared publicly. We may publish comments from the petition on our website and FB page but will do so anonymously, with any identifying information removed.