Woman of the Year Nominations 2019
The intention of WAN's Woman of the Year is to celebrate the growing accomplishments of women in the coastal, marine and aquatic sectors; to expose the WAN community to strong female leaders in the aquatic sphere; and to learn from her career and personal journey.

Please submit nominations who fit the following criteria that the WAN Executive Board has used in past years to select the Woman of the Year. Nominations will be open from June 1 - June 30.

This individual:
- Is a woman, or self identifies as female;
- Has had meaningful and impactful accomplishments in the marine, aquatic, or coastal fields, recognizing that women are not always recognized through traditional leadership positions or accolades; and
- Brings new perspectives and insights to the WAN community.

You are welcome to nominate as many individuals as you would like. While we can only select one Woman of the Year, the WAN Board may consider those nominated for other WAN events throughout the year. Thank you for your input!

For any questions, please contact WashingtonWAN@gmail.com.

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