Bloedel Conservatory Holiday Heights 2017 Event Volunteer Scheduling Form
Thank you for volunteering, we truly appreciate your support. We will be in touch to send you a volunteer consent form by email. We will also send your confirmed schedule and further event details closer to the event date.
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Please review the event details and position descriptions, note that Way Finding/Directing and Roving Info/Monitoring are only available for the 3:30-8:00 shift. Please provide your preferred volunteer positions below -we will do our best to accommodate your desired positions, however, this is not always possible. Event details and position descriptions:
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Entrance/Exit Monitor
Activity Material Distributor
Way Finding/Directing
Roving Information/Monitoring
Please select which shift time you would prefer, or select both if you are available for either *
Please provide your full availability below, so we can do our best to accommodate everyone's schedule. If you would only like to be scheduled for a certain number of days that you have selected, please make a note of this is the comments section- otherwise you may be scheduled for all the dates that you selected. Thank you!
Friday, December 15th
Saturday, December 16th
Sunday, December 17th
Monday, December 18th
Tuesday, December 19th
Wednesday, December 20th
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Sunday, December 24th
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Sunday, December 31st
Monday, January 1st
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Thursday, January 4th
Friday, January 5th
Saturday, January 6th
Sunday, January 7th
In 2-3 sentences, please tell us about your customer service experience as well as your experience working with children. *
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Thank you for offering your time to come and volunteer with us! The Volunteer Coordinator will be in contact with you shortly, given the email you have provided. For now, please add the dates that you have selected into your calendar. If you have any questions, please email:
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