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FOAM - the what and why
Medical practitioners over the past few years have increasingly brought their professional discourse online. The appraisal of new evidence and how to translate it to the bedside now happens in a global discussion on social media and free digital outlet platforms. This has been dubbed Free Open Access Medical education, or FOAM, and is now decidedly a mainstream phenomenon with a huge number of participants.

Conferences play a large part in this online exchange as delegates, non-delegates and speakers engage around the topics presented. We embrace this development as a way to cut down knowledge translation to the benefit of providers and patients alike.

We therefore find it meaningful to bring select content from the SSAI2017 conference online to secure a professional unaltered delivery of key messages and to thus qualify this professional discourse.

To that end, we hope you will consent to the recording and release of your talk online under an open access creative commons BY-SA license. This may be in the form of video and/or audio, depending on AV setup specific to the room. We also hope you'll allow the release of your slides along with the talk. The material will be made available via the website which is a not-for-profite project that aims to bring educational content online. You can find examples of the delivery format there.

We would hope to feature any online presence for an audience to identify you and engage. We strongly recommend using twitter as a professional platform for speakers in medicine. It serves the function of a modern business card.

It should be stressed that you can withdraw this consent after the talk before it goes live should you wish to.

Should you wish to help your talk carry more weight we're more than happy to incorporate relevant links, resources or references you can provide alongside the talk.

Any and all questions, please contact the scanfoam team at
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