Casey Saunders Foundation Scholarship Application/Nomination Form
DEADLINE for this application and all documentation (detailed below) is May 10, 2019. Applications and documentation postmarked or emailed after this date will not be considered.

How to Apply:
Complete the form and additional documents as described below. Click Submit. Email all additional required documents as attachments to with the name of the Nominee/Applicant as the Subject Line.

The Casey Saunders Foundation will award two $1,500 Be Like Casey Scholarship/Grants to youth who live within the St. Louis (bi-state) Metropolitan Area (as defined by the St. Louis Regional Chamber - 15 counties across Missouri and Illinois) in order for them to participate in the cycling experience of their choice. The purpose of the BeLikeCasey Scholarship/Grant is to provide an opportunity to underserved youth in the region the chance to experience the joy, freedom and lifelong health benefits of cycling, and to encourage the characteristics that Casey Saunders was known for: kindness, helpfulness, humility and hard work. The selection of the Scholarship (Grant) Recipients will be made by the Be Like Casey Scholarship Advisory
Committee based on a combined assessment of need and merit.

Who is eligible:
All students between the ages of 8-18, with a focus on youth in need, who currently reside in St. Louis (bi-state) Metropolitan area (defined above).

Application Process:
Student/Nominator must submit:
1. Completed Application/Nomination form - click Submit below upon completion.
2. Minimum of two letters of recommendation from your choice of teachers, administrators, counselors, employers or individuals with knowledge and experience with the Applicant/Nominee. No letter of recommendation may be from immediate family member.
3. Written essay, described below in application. Must be completed by Nominee/Applicant.
4. *Optional: Additional background information, described below in application.
5. Other than Submitting this form, all above documentation should be emailed as attachments to with the Nominee's/Applicant's Name as the Subject Line.

Recipients will be notified and announced no later than June 15, 2019.

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