Report of ill-treatment
The Equality Board would like to start by highlighting that no case is too small and that not all cases will lead to a formal report, but it is still important to bring attention to harmful patterns and events that happen in the Chapter or at KTH. It makes a difference!

In this form you can report if you have felt ill-treated, harassed or discriminated against by a teacher, fellow student or other staff at the university. You can also file a report on someone else’s behalf if they have been subjected to something you feel we should be aware of. Only share the information you feel comfortable sharing but keep in mind that the more details you give the easier it will be to pursue the case further.

The president of the Board of Equality is the only person who will process the report and will forward it to Lena Salomonson who is the group manager for guidance and support at the department for student service. She is responsible for investigations on ill-treatment, harassment and sexual harassment. Depending on the case the matter may be further forwarded to another authorized investigator. To see what happens with each case the president of the Board of Equality will follow up the proceedings.

You can of course remain anonymous if you wish! However, in this case KTH will not conduct an official investigation as names are required but they will work with the case regardless. If you share your personal details with KTH your name could spread due to the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act but KTH does all it can to prevent your name being shared with unauthorized people.

If you do not wish to fill in the form, you can contact the president of the Equality Board directly, either in person or by phone. The president of the board is Matilda Hallin,, tel: 0735673121.

If you do not want to register to the president of the Equality Board, you can also email Lena Salomonson directly to or the section's vice president of the Equality Board Helena Glisén,, tel: 0727336965.
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Describe as thoroughly as possible what has happened. Please write about where and when and who were involved. If you do not remember exactly what happened just describe as well as you can. If it has occurred several times try to include all the occasions.
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