2018 New Brunswick Cycling Survey
Saint John Cycling is an advocacy group and cycling club with over 150 members from the Greater Saint John Area. We are asking New Brunswickers about cycling policy in the province.

Duration: 8 multiple choice questions. 5 minutes or less to complete.

Why do you cycle? Check all that apply
How do you feel about the following statements?
Cycling is an important mode of transportation for New Brunswickers *
The provincial government can do more to encourage children to bike to school *
This may include safety education for students and/or improvements to bike lanes to schools.
Our community’s cycling infrastructure needs work *
Investing in cycling infrastructure benefits everyone *
The Department of Transportation & Infrastructure can do more to incorporate active transportation in their road designs and planning *
This may include sidewalks, bikelanes or paved shoulders.
I support the creation of a New Brunswick Active Transportation Infrastructure Fund. *
This would be a fund devoted to active transportation infrastructure. An example is the Connect2 program in Nova Scotia which has a provincial budget of $600,000/year. More info can be found at www.novascotia.ca/programs/connect2
What is your postal code? *
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Are you a member of Saint John Cycling? *
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