Moderator Applications
Official Mineland Network document. - Do not distribute. - Moderator application 2019

Breaking any of these rules will result in an automatic deny without notice.

-Do not apply if you are less than 13 years old.

- Copy of other applications will result in automatic deny.

- To apply, you must be registered on our server more than 2 weeks.

- Any lies within the answers results in an instant denial/removal of the application/rank.

- If you were banned at any time during the past 1 month, do not apply.

- If you get banned while having an application open, your app will be denied.

- You must know the English language very good and speak fluently.

- Do not have more than 1 application open at a time.

- You will be denied if you’re inactive on the Server and Discord for more than a month.

- You must be a part of our Discord server:

- Asking a staff member about your application, be it Server, Forums, Discord or elsewhere will result in an automatic deny.

-Write more than 7 sentences on important questions to get a good chance of getting accepted

Applications are checked randomly. You can receive a reply within a day or even a month, so be patient.

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