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This Ramadan, in order to connect as many Muslim grassroots organisations to our campaign as possible, we're looking for XR Rebels to step into the role of Outreach Ambassadors for XR Muslims💚🌿

Outreach Ambassadors will be asked to:
- visit their local mosque(s), Islamic centre(s), or Muslim association(s)
- hand deliver a welcome pack from XR Muslims outlining the Ramadan 2021 campaign
- Connect these Muslim associations to XR Muslims and their own XR regional groups

We will be able to send physical copies of the welcome packs to UK addresses.  Due to the additional delivery times and postal costs involved, we will provide PDF copies and easy instructions on how to print and assemble the welcome pack to our Outreach Ambassadors who reside outside of the UK.

The welcome pack will contain:
- Information about our quiz to explore the impact of the food we consume on climate change
- An invitation to attend our online talks
- One plant-based recipe and an invitation to participate in our recipe competition
- Native wildflower seeds with instructions on how to plant them
- An invitation to receive news about future campaigns

This welcome pack is primarily for Muslim community groups and organizations, but do let us know if you would like to reach out to other Muslims in your area (e.g. neighbours, businesses, etc).
We encourage XR Rebels who want to become Outreach Ambassadors to take this opportunity to ask about Ramadan, climate change, how Muslim organisations are doing and whether they need any support. XR Muslims want to follow you every step of the way, and your feedback at the end will help us raise awareness of the issues affecting the Muslim community in the UK.

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When visiting organizations, we ask you to comply to local COVID rules and guidelines (social distancing, mask wearing, etc) in order to help contain the spread of the virus. Please confirm that you agree to this.
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