Land Donation Survey
This form will help determine how Revolutionary Earth can utilize your donated land for our cause. Here's how our land donation program works:

Residents or business owners enter into a contract with Revolutionary Earth that grants a free license to RE Farm to convert lawn space into a vegetable garden. Homeowners receive a full CSA share of the produce, which is defined as a half-bushel box of produce provided weekly for the entire growing season. Revolutionary Earth makes no guarantee of the harvest. We invite homeowners to determine what we grow and tailor each box to homeowner's requests. Homeowners and business owners may terminate the contract at any time during the season, but Revolutionary Earth retains right of harvest. Contracts are for single seasons only.
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We do not accept lawn that has been treated with a lawn service or glyphosate in the last seven years, front or side yards, or properties without access to water. We also do not farm land on a property with a dwelling that is being rented (i.e., all residential donors must reside on the property they are donating). All commercial donations must be made by the owner of the business. Any offers of agricultural land must be within five miles of the city limits, have access to water, and must be established lawn (not farmland).
Has your land been treated with a lawn service or with gyphosate (Roundup) in the past seven years? *
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