Mentoring Circles Evaluation Feedback
Thank you for participating in Mentoring Circles. The ALLC appreciates your honest feedback below about your experience with the Mentoring Circles so that we can continue to learn how we can change and adapt these Mentoring Circles to best match your needs. Bless you!
What has your current role been with the Mentoring Circles?
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What is your age group?
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What do you most want from a Mentoring Circle group?
How many people were in your Mentoring Circle? (including any facilitators)
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What do you think the ideal # of people is that should be in a Mentoring Circle, including facilitators?
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What was your Mentoring Circle's primary means of communication for your live calls and for communications in-between calls?
How often did your Mentoring Circle hold live video calls?
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How did your Mentoring Circle determine what to talk about during each call?
What kind of follow-up did your Mentoring Circle do in-between video calls?
On average, how often did members of your Mentoring Circles interact with one another outside of your regular video calls?
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How would you rate your overall satisfaction with your Mentoring Circle?
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How much did your Mentoring Circle help you to learn and grow as a leader?
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To what extent did your Mentoring Circle help you to feel more relationally connected and supported by other leaders in the organization?
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What was the most helpful thing about your Mentoring Circle that you believe other Mentoring Circles might benefit from?
How could your Mentoring Circle have been more helpful or effective for you?
What other input or suggestions do you have about the Mentoring Circles program?
What does your Mentoring Circle plan to do after their 6 months of meeting together?
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Your Facilitator's Name(s) (optional)
What country are you originally from?
What location do you currently serve in?
In your role as a Facilitator, how has this Mentoring Circle experience been for you? Please describe it.
Would you consider facilitating another Mentoring Circle for another 6-month cycle?
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As a facilitator, what other suggestions, recommendations, or critique do you have for us so that we can improve future Mentoring Circles?
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