VJMUN XIX Registration
We, at the VJMUN XIX OC welcome you to the fourteenth edition of the oldest MUN ever held by an engineering college. VJMUN has always been known for its unique agendas, trademark hospitality and excellent quality of debate. As one of the most renowned MUNs in the circuit, we feel immense pride in taking a step further to simulate three committees this year, The United Nations Security Council (UNSC), The Historic Security Council (HSC) and The Lok Sabha.

If a delegate so wishes, he/she may join the International Press Corps as well.

The agendas of these committees can be found on www.vjmun.org.

Note: Please note that Lok Sabha has only single delegation participation while the UNSC and HSC have single as well as double delegation participation. One may choose to register as a single delegate in either cases; if need be, that particular person will be paired with another person to form a double delegation in the committees that are applicable.

Starting this year, we're trying to minimise plastic waste, which is why we request all delegates to carry their own water bottles. Lunch this year is to be bought at the canteen service available in the campus. Thank you.

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