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And thank you for your interest in joining The CHO Ark! This site is a "sister" group to Christian Homeschool Oasis (CHO) on Facebook. CHO is a “niche group,” which means our focus and approach appeal to some home educators but not to others. We use this questionnaire to help prospective members determine if CHO might be a good fit for them, so please read through this form carefully and then answer the questions as directed.

We realize the form is a bit long, but the questions will be beneficial in terms of giving you an accurate snapshot of CHO's focus. Most can be answered quickly with just one click, and we don't expect long narratives - just a general thought or two - on the others. Questions 15-18 will require the most effort, but they are very important, and we have endeavored to provide step-by-step instructions to help you.

If this form does not work, please email the lead admin via the link on our home page.

Blessings -
The CHO Admins

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The Questions
1. Your Name: *
2. Your Email (so we may contact you to clarify your answers or help you complete the membership process): *
3. Are you now or have you previously been a member of the CHO Facebook group? *
4. IF you answered YES to #3, what is your FACEBOOK NAME (i.e., the name you used in the CHO Facebook group)?

IF you are a current member of the group on Facebook, you may bypass the rest of these questions, since you already completed this survey to join that group. In that case, please scroll down and submit the form after answering this question. We will confirm your membership in the Facebook group and email you with instructions for completing CHO membership.

HOWEVER, if you are not a current member of the Facebook group, you MUST answer the rest of these questions (providing an answer for EVERY question) in order to proceed with membership. If you skip any questions, your membership request will not be processed.
5. How did you learn of The Christian Homeschool Oasis, and why would you like to become a member?
6. CHO values individual liberty and parental rights (i.e., the right of each parent to choose what s/he deems to be an appropriate educational path for his/her own child). But our group membership is only open to those who privately homeschool or those who are very interested in beginning to privately homeschool - not to those currently using (and planning to continue with) public virtual/charter schools at home,  "partnerships" with public or private schools, or hybrid/university model schools.
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7. What is your background and experience with homeschooling thus far?
8. How many children do you currently homeschool (or if you are beginning the journey, how many children will you be home-educating as you begin)?
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9. Do you have other children you won't be homeschooling? If YES, please explain.
10. CHO does not promote one style or method of private, independent home education over others. However, we DO specifically and unapologetically promote, support, and advocate FOR private, independent home education – and against ANY of the various forms of public/government schooling (whether traditional brick-and-mortar or charter/virtual). We are also here to serve full-time homeschoolers, not those who use institutionalized private schooling of any sort (including “hybrid schools”). Additionally, we do NOT allow members to advocate in favor of governmental regulation of private, independent home education; to promote the use of any sort of public/government schooling; to promote "school choice" for homeschoolers (i.e., the taking of taxpayer funds for homeschooling); or to discuss schooling matters related to their children who are not privately homeschooled.
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11. Those using a public virtual/charter school,  a hybrid/university model school, or ANY sort of  "partnership" with a public school (including taking public school classes or participating in public school sports or other activities) are NOT eligible for CHO membership UNLESS they are in the process of moving from that and towards full-time private home education. We DO allow membership for those whose children may be using the services of a PRIVATE Christian school for extracurriculars (i.e., band, sports, etc.) - not academic enrollment - IF homeschool-specific options are not available to them locally. This is not because we disdain parental choice to use those other options but because our group has a particular calling to support private, fully independent homeschooling and keeping our focus is important to us.
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12. CHO stands staunchly opposed to the use of ANY government-sponsored money (i.e., via "school choice" schemes, vouchers, partnerships, stipends, ESAs, etc.) for home education. We do not allow members to advocate in favor of its use. Those who use such money - or support its use - are not truly independent home educators and, thus, are NOT eligible for CHO membership.
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13. What are some of the main homeschool resources (i.e., curricula, other material) you prefer?
14. CHO staunchly OPPOSES the Common Core Standards (CCS) and ALL other similar governmental initiatives, past and present. CHO began as a means for home educating parents to discuss concerns about the CCS, etc., as it might pertain to home learning, and though we are now a more generalized home education support group in some ways, we remain actively opposed to the CCS, etc. (in all its iterations). CHO members may NOT endorse, promote, OR suggest/recommend the use of the CCS, etc. or ANY products connected in ANY way with the CCS (even those that are well-known among homeschoolers but which now have some sort of connection to CCS). And members agree to make regular use of our “sister” website, The Homeschool Resource Roadmap, when discussing various curricular resources (to insure that ONLY resources which are wholly independent of the CCS are suggested and recommended).
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15. Our sister site, The Homeschool Resource Roadmap is referenced nearly every day in the group so CHO members must be willing to understand how it functions.

To do that, please answer the next four questions by referring to The Roadmap's Common Core Project Master Lists (which you may want to open in a new tab for convenience). First, visit the linked page and scroll down to click on the Master List for E. Scroll down on that list, find Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool, and indicate below which abbreviation is listed in the middle column.
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16. Next use the key at the top of that page to indicate below what the abbreviation for Easy Peasy means in terms of common core.
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17. Now click on the Master List for T. Scroll down on that list, find TruthQuest History, and indicate below which abbreviation is listed in the middle column.
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18. Finally, use the key to indicate below what the abbreviation for TruthQuest means in terms of common core.
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19. If you currently homeschool, use The Roadmap's Master Lists to look up one of the resources you prefer. What is the resource? What is its common core (abbreviation) status?

If you are not yet homeschooling, either look up a resource of interest or say, "I don't know yet."
20. CHO is a relational-based discussion group consisting of current, prospective, and “retired” home-educating parents, NOT a means for business promotion. Some of our members are entrepreneurs, product affiliates, and/or bloggers, but we PROHIBIT direct advertising and marketing (i.e., you may not create new posts about your product/site or use our member list to send advertising-based private messages). We do allow members to share about their relevant products and resources in COMMENTS on other people's threads WHEN relevant and IF done so judiciously with full disclosure and in order to provide genuine help. If you're asking to join primarily to promote your business or product – either publicly or privately, and even a homeschool-oriented one – we are not the group for you.
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21. CHO views home education as a lifestyle, not merely as an academic pursuit. We allow discussion of many home learning topics, including those related to parenting/family life in a homeschool setting and those pertaining to the spiritual, academic/intellectual, physical, emotional, and social/relational needs of home-educated children. However, we are NOT a catch-all group. We DO limit our focus to home education-related matters, and do NOT allow generalized discussion of social/political issues or personal matters unrelated to being a home-educating parent.
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22. Though our members hail from a wide variety of Christian denominational backgrounds (i.e., many Protestant denominations, Catholic, Messianic, Orthodox), CHO is primarily for those who claim faith in Jesus Christ for salvation, as outlined in the Bible. Those from some other-than-Christian faith perspectives (i.e., Jewish, Latter Day Saint) may join as well, but they must be comfortable in a group where the vast majority of members hold ONLY the Christian Scriptures (the Old and New Testaments, NOT any other "scripture") as ultimately authoritative, openly share Bible verses and prayer requests, and discuss homeschool-related cultural issues from a biblically-oriented, socially-conservative perspective. Members agree to not use the group to "bash" varying Christian (i.e., Protestant, Catholic, Messianic, Orthodox) theological positions or to proselytize.
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23. CHO members agree to operate under the precepts of THE GOLDEN RULE (i.e., all members agreeing to treat others as they themselves would like to be treated). We expect CHO members to choose to exhibit relational maturity, common decency, and a gentle spirit towards others. Among independent-minded home educators, differences of opinion and fair-minded discussion are bound to occur. However, members must respectfully agree to disagree when necessary and may not approach discussions with a spirit of antagonism. Blatant rudeness or disrespect for others – including any use of profanity – is simply not allowed.
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24. We have developed a detailed list of posting policies that help the group to function smoothly, and it's imperative that all members know and understand them. As we provided you with a link to the policies in our welcome letter, have you read and understood them, AND do you agree to abide by them?
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THANK YOU for completing our questionnaire!
After we review your responses, we will be in touch with information about how to proceed. Please watch for our message.

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