Whānau feedback
Your voice is important to us! The vision of Silverdale Normal School is shaped by our community and we need your input to help make these important decisions. We would appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.
School Reports
Due to schools no longer having to report against national standards, we are looking at re-designing our reporting format for 2019. An important part of this process is to hear from you and find out what it is you value in a school report.
What is important for your child to learn and develop to be a confident and positive member of society and life-long learner?
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What information is important to you in a school report? (select all that apply)
When finding out about your child's progress in reading, writing and maths, what do you specifically want to know?
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How important is seeing where your child is at in reading, writing and maths for their age?
Not important
Very important
Would you prefer a visual representation or comment?
Do you find the current report format easy to read and understand?
Do you think it is important to comment on school values and principles?
Any other comments to add on our report format?
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Currently we send out the newsletter once a week in paper format, emailed, published on our school website and on our app.
What is your preferred method of receiving school information such as a newsletter?
How often would you like to see a newsletter published?
Any further comments about school newsletters?
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Home / School communication
One of our goals this year is to improve our home / school communication. Please answer the questions below to help us know how we are going with this.
I know what is happening for my child and their learning.
Talking to my child's teacher is an easy and positive experience.
My dreams and aspirations for my child are valued by their teacher.
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