March Event - Reformation Windhund 2020
Arrival possible on Wednesday, 04 March 2020 afternoon/night.
Event start : Thursday, 05 March morning 2020.
Leaving : Sunday, 08 March 2020.
Location : 20 km from Troyes (France - Zip code 10000).
Email contact : See with your land coordinator.
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General information
This event is organised by the European Axis Coalition
(German Side of "The Final Thrust 2016" & "Camo Cobra Bocage 2017" & "September Odissey 2019")

Event start Thursday 05 March morning. Wednesday 04 March late afternoon/night is ideal rally scheduling.
Event finish in the night of Saturday 07 March, participants could leave anytime on Sunday.

The event will be full-immersion without audience.
Setting: France March 1944 - Refitting unit.
The EAC is looking to organize and host quality events, and we will choose our participants.
Authenticity of uniform and appearance is of paramount importance.
No modern stuff will be allowed, we don't want see any cellphones or modern camera (There is no cellular reception in the area - you need your cell for work ? Don't come. As for cameras - there will be a official photographer).

General guidelines: This Annual event has been established with the goal of training EAC member groups. This will enable us to work together better, operate more functionally, and achieve a higher level of authenticity during other events hosted by EAC. Here, you will be in fully immersed for 75 hours on private property with a castle, support buildings, and huge woodland area. The site allows for between 50 and 100 participants to attend. Our goal is to organize the participants into a Kompanie.

You will experience the normal daily life of a Panzergrenadier. Tasks will consist of patrolling, resting, a lot of theoretical classes (learning German hand signals, group movement, etc.), training and regular army drill (marching practice, grenade throwing, defusing ordinance, driving lessons for the Ford V3000, etc.).
There will be civilians present from the surrounding French villages as well as German autonomous units including: Feldgendarmerie, Nachrichten, Feldküche, Feldpost, and a HQ unit with auxiliary personnel.
Participation in the March Event is to participate in a core event of EAC Coalition and its vision of high standards and total immersion.
EAC Board's main goal is to create a large community in Europe with common interests: high standards and Wehrmacht research.

The cost is 100 euros with everything included. The fee could be reduced to 80 euros if the motor pool vehicles don’t come. Private parking is included. An Airport shuttle could be organized.

Historical scenario : After difficult and intense fighting on the Eastern front, the 16. Infanterie Div. 'der Windhund-Division' had suffered tremendous losses and it needed refitting. From March to May 1944, the remnants of the division along with recovered soldiers released from hospital were ordered to form a new division in France: The 116. Panzer Div.
During this event we will portray the first arrivals in Northern France. This will be a mixture of veterans from the 16. Inf. Div. and the 179. Panzer Div. along with fresh recruits who arrived to rebuild the division.

As most of the division's heavy equipment and vehicles were left behind in Russia, so our tasks will include: patrolling, refitting, retraining and drill, in order to form a cohesive unit ready to be sent to the front with the division.
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