Open Humans Project Grant Application
Do you have a project that will help grow the Open Humans ecosystem?

Projects are invited to apply for a project grant of up to $5000 if they plan to: provide valuable new/novel data sources, raise significant awareness of the project, and/or attract new members (e.g. by providing an analysis or visualization of data) who will continue to contribute to the ecosystem in the future after your project rolls out.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, funded projects are expected to meet the following guidelines:

-- The project should be deployed on Open Humans within 6 months of funding – "approved" and available to Open Humans members.

-- The project is expected to remain available for at least 6 months after deployment, and be responsive to bug reports and other issues.

-- The project should enable others to replicate it and create derivatives, through documentation and open source licensing (e.g. BSD, MIT, Apache, or GPL).

-- Grants will be distributed in three parts: one third upon grant award, one third upon deployment, and one third after the 6 month period is complete.

Projects should expect to receive a response from the Open Humans Team within four weeks of receipt of application.

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