Spirit of McIntosh Leadership 2019-2020

Spirit of McIntosh Leadership is a year-long obligation that does not end with marching season. It takes a lot of time and effort above and beyond what is already required as a member of band. Leaders must be willing to grow and always lead with an attitude of service. Members of the leadership team may have reduced responsibilites, or suspension if the Directors feel it is in the best interest of the teams success. Submission of this application does not guarantee an officer or leadership position. All portions of the application is due no later than Monday, April 22, 2019. DO NOT ASK FOR AN EXTENSION.

By submitting this application, student applicants agree to:
* Become familiar with the specific duties as they are delegated by the Directors.
* Exhibit enthusiasm and display a positive attitude of leading by example.
* Treat all fellow band members and officers with dignity and respect.
* Follow through on assigned tasks and take the initiative in solving problems.
* Students chosen for the position of Drum Major positions are expected to meet with the directors the week following
auditions. See them in order to schedule a meeting time.
* Follow all rules and expectations for the general membership of band.
**Drum Major Candidates be aware of additional expectations and responsibilities see Directors.

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If you cannot follow these instructions your application will not be accepted. 1. Get two letters of recommendation. Give the person you want the letter from an empty envelope. Ask the recommender to put their letter inside the envelope, seal it and give it back to you upon its completion. 2. One of the two letters must be a non band teacher at McIntosh 3. The second letter may be another McIntosh teacher or someone in the community and cannot be your parent or relative. 4. Put both letters into one envelope, put your name on the outside and turn it in by the end of the day April 15, to Ms. Baker or Ms. Amosu. *
How many years have you been an active member of the marching band? *
List any leadership positions you have held outside of the band program in school or the community?
What qualities does an effective leader posses? *
What qualities would a poor leader have? *
Is it important for your section to like you in order to be led effectively by you? Explain your answer. *
List any leadership positions you have held in band
List any leadership training clinics, camps or courses you have taken.
List your current teachers and next to each teachers name list one positive thing and one negative thing they would say about you.
How would you handle a peer saying negative things about the band to your classmates?
Have you been disrespectful to a band leader or teacher? If yes, please explain. *
What leadership duties are your strength? Be specific. *
How do you respond to someone who says they are quitting band? *
Have you ever not fulfilled a musical commitment? (Performance, assignment, rehearsal, etc.) Why? *
How will you contribute to the band if you are not a section leader? *
List and explain any areas where you need to improve. *
Define the following in your own words. Do not copy and paste the definition. Service, humility, confidence, arrogance, negative, positive, accountability, delegation, empowerment, Inspire, and excitement. *
Candidates MUST interview someone on your campus (student, faculty, or administrator) and ask him or her for their views on leadership. (If you applied in previous years do not interview the same person) What did you learn from your conversation? How is their leadership concept different from yours? IN A GOOGLE DOCUMENT SHARED WITH MS. BAKER AND MS. AMOSU Document your interview and include: who, the date, and time of your interview and be prepared to discuss during your interview with the Director. All officer candidates are expected to have resolved delinquent financial obligations to the MHS Band prior to interviews. Candidates who have not attempted to resolve financial obligations and have shown apathy towards participating in fund-raisers (to help defray this debt) need not apply. *
In the past we have had students quit band when they did not receive a position. What are your plans if you do not get a position and why? *
Describe an attendance policy for practices and performances that would create a successful season. *
List or describe absences that should be excused. *
List or describe absences that should never be excused. *
Should Drum Majors be held to a higher standard than other leaders? Why and in what specific ways? *
Should leaders be held to a higher standard than general members? Why and in what specific ways? *
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