Fall 2017 Cast & Crew Audition Form
Auditions and crew sign up for the Fall Shows 2017. Auditions are on August 25th at 3:30 in the O'Plaine Auditorium.
Activity Conflict with Auditions
Cast applicants: If you are in an activity that conflicts with auditions. Please let us know whether you need to audition early or later. Please keep in contact with the director if you need to audition early or late. Callbacks will be on Thursday, August 24th.
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Are you auditioning or just want to be on crew?
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Schedule Conflicts *
List any and all conflicts (work, church, extra curricular, choir, band, speech, V2) between weekdays from 3:30 – 7:00pm and some Saturdays from 9am-3pm between now and the show dates. Please be honest when listing conflicts. If you need to miss rehearsal, please notify your directors. If you miss more rehearsals(other than the conflicts you listed) you may be removed from the show.
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Marching Band *
Marching Band has a competition the weekend of Dinner Theatre, and would thus result in a conflict. Are you in Marching Band?
Theatre Experience
Show / Role / Location / Year (top 5 favorite)
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Special Skills
What special skills do you have? (singing, juggling, mime, whistling, etc.)
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Do you play any rock 'n roll instruments (guitar, bass, drums, keys)?
How good are your lip sync skills?
What about your ability to pretend to play guitar, drums, or keys?
Crew *
All auditionees (cast and crew) will be assigned to a crew. Please check any and all crews you are interested in working (more than one). When the cast/crew list goes up you will be assigned to certain crew. Branch out-try something new!
Crew Safety Form-My parents and I understand and agree to the terms of being a member of crew (even if I am cast) in a Warren Theatre production and I will follow proper safety protocol or be asked to leave rehearsal/build.Safety is very important to the success and well being of everyone involved. *
Crew Leadership
If you would like to become a crew lead, please fill out the following. If not, please leave it blank.
Crew Leads
Please choose one or two crews that you would like to lead.
Crew Lead Qualifications
Please give a detailed description of why you are personally qualified to lead the crew of your choice. (the more detail the better) If you listed more than one crew, please address each position of interest.
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Crew Lead Schedule Commitment
Read the following thoroughly: Being a crew lead is a major responsibility and requires a lot more time than being a crew member. Please discuss the time commitment with your parent/guardian prior to applying to address any and all conflicts you may have. Being a crew lead may require coming to practice more often than your crew members and taking the initiative to get the job done when required and in a timely fashion. You will be working closely with other crew leads and the director to make sure your job/crew is on track and before any deadlines. List any and all conflicts in the space provided (personal, appointments, club meetings, vacations, etc). Do not hold back! Let us know now!
Registration, Constitution, & Fees
Please read the following before auditioning.
Registration- Please Register Now. You can not be placed on a cast or crew unless you do this prior to casting. Please make sure you sign up for both the Fall Dinner Theatre (One Act) and the Fall MainStage crew and/or casts. *
Drama Constitution-My parents and I understand and agree to the terms of being involved in the cast or crew in a Warren Theatre production. *
Activity Eligibility & Code of Conduct-My parents and I understand and agree to the terms of being involved in the cast or crew in a Warren Theatre production specifically eligibility and code of conduct. *
Cast ONLY Fee $40 Activity Fee *
If and when you are cast, there is a $40 cast fee. Do you understand that you will have to pay this fee if cast?
Signature *
Write your NAME and DATE to acknowledge that you understand the roles, responsibilities, and time commitment of being involved in a Warren Theatre production from the beginning to strike.
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Parent Signature *
Read through this with your parent and make sure they understand the role, responsibilities, and time commitment of being involved in a Warren Theatre production from beginning to strike. Have them electronically sign their NAME and DATE below.
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