Frozen Jr. 2020
Double check that your information is filled out correctly. Especially emails and phone numbers.
Registration Fee for Actors: $60 and the Registration Fee for Stage Hands: $20
All fees payable by cash or check to MCC (Marshall Community Council).
Student Name *
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Parent/Guardian Name(s) *
Phone Number *
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Actor or Stage Hand? *
Actors play a variety of roles on stage acting, singing, and dancing. Stage Hands help out behind the scenes to move equipment, manage sound, and wrangle actors between scenes.
Registration Contract
By choosing "YES", you and your child agree to the following...
I understand that if my student is cast, they must: *Bring there script and pencil to every rehearsal. *Be familiar with the script. *Dress appropriately in clothes and shoes they can easily move in. *Are responsible for writing down any blocking, choreography or acting directions related to their character.
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I understand that if my student is cast, they must: *Treat EVERYONE respectfully. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, regardless of their role in this production. *Roughhousing or rude behavior will not be tolerated.
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I understand the policies regarding absences from rehearsals: *Be on-time. *Please let us know if you are running late so we can plan accordingly. *Please understand that missing more than 2 rehearsals affects ALL actors, and not just the one who is absent. * The director reserves the right to cut cast members who miss more than 2 rehearsals.
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I understand that actors are expected to have: *Jazz Shoes and may have to provide some extra elements of their costumes. (We have a limited number of jazz shoes for students to use.)
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I give my permission to have my child's image or video or quotes used for publicity purposes. These purposes are defined as newspapers, news websites, social media, and school/district websites and social media.
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I have PAID the $60 Actor or $20 STAGE HAND fee to the MCC representative at the Mandatory Parent Meeting.
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Our family would like to request a scholarship for the Registration Fee. We understand that all scholarship requests must go through Principal Condee Wood.
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I give permission for my child to be transported by volunteer drivers to CHS for rehearsals. I also understand that if I click "NO" that I must provide transportation to CHS for my child.
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Pre-production Tasks *
I would like to be involved in the following... (you can choose more than one box)
Tasks During and After the show *
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