Sign the Postal Industry Workers Union Petition
TO: Mr. Nagato Masatsugu, President and CEO, Japan Post Holdings Co., Ltd.

1. All non-regular staff who wish, should be employed as (promoted to) regular staff
2. As well as carrying out fair and proper employment (promotion) for regular staff, the number of promotions per single year should be greatly increased
3. The minimum wage for hourly-wage contract employees should be made 1200 yen or more per hour across the board nationwide
4. Summer and winter holidays should be granted in the same way as to regular staff; also, sick leave should be paid.
5. Disparities with regular employees in lump-sum and other allowances, as well as in benefits, should be corrected.

Your personal information will be used in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, and will not be used for any purpose other than that stated above.
Petition drive closes 1 February 2020 and your information will be given to 郵政リストラに反対し、労働運動の発展をめざす全国共同会議 (National Joint Conference to Oppose the Postal Service Layoffs and Grow the Labor Movement) of the Postal Industry Workers Union.
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