The Bay Area Professional International Educators Roundtable (BA-PIER) provides international educators with a forum to meet regularly to discuss the current issues and government regulations that affect international students and scholars.

Please use this form to RSVP to the upcoming meeting on Thursday, June 17th, 2021 at 01:00 PM (GMT-8:00) Pacific Time (US and Canada). This meeting will be held virtually on Zoom at
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BA-PIER Officer Nominations
In June 2021, the two-year terms being served by BA-PIER's current officers will come to an end. We are seeking nominations for new BA-PIER leadership, starting in September 2021. You can read more in our bylaws: Please consider nominating either yourself or a colleague by typing a name under any of the BA-PIER officer positions below:
The Chair shall conduct the business portion of the PIER meetings; serve as a moderator and organizer and as a liaison with DHS, NAFSA and any other organizations; and preside over Executive Board meetings. The Chair shall prepare or oversee preparation of a written agenda and announcement for each scheduled PIER meeting. The Chair may appoint individuals to lead projects or activities for the organization, as directed by the membership. The Chair shall determine the place and time of each PIER meeting.
Vice Chair
The Vice Chair shall preside over meetings in the absence of the Chair; assist the Chair with any necessary duties. The Vice Chair shall manage the PIER membership, including maintenance of the membership list, new memberships, distribution of an annual membership directory.
The Secretary(s) shall take minutes at each PIER and Executive Board meetings; provide minutes of the previous meeting for posting to the PIER website and maintain a record of official minutes.
The Treasurer shall maintain financial transaction records; receive revenue and; present financial reports.
Communications Officer
The Communications Officer shall maintain the PIER group on LinkedIn and the BA-Pier website.
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