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The Emotional Body book is currently available for purchase through our Emotional Body website, and is used as a course text in our Emotional Body intensive courses.

The book costs $35 + shipping and handling fees. Books are shipped directly from, and these fees will vary depending on destination and if you elect for standard or expedited shipping.

Examples of Shipping/Handling Costs for Standard/Expedited:
Within the United States - $4.00 (5 days)/$11.00 (2 days)
Canada - $7.00 (9days)/$21.00 (2 days)
Europe - $5.00 (32 days)/$8.00 (20 days)
Australia - $8.00 (32 days)/ $14.00 (11 days)
Latin America - $8.00 (28 days)/ $18.00 (15 days)

Use the Buy Now button on the website for standard shipping, and use this form to request expedited shipping. After you fill out this book request form, you will receive a PayPal payment invoice. Once the book is paid for, your book will be ordered and shipped.
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The Emotional Body: A Method for Physical Self-Regulation
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We are so glad you are interested in learning more about your emotional body! We will use your contact information provided to mail your book to you once we receive payment. We will also make sure you are informed about any upcoming supportive resources for the book, including audio recordings currently in development and instructional tutorials.
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