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PLEASE READ: Matches do not expire, so if you were matched with a mentor during a previous cycle, please do not reapply, you can just contact your mentor. If you are no longer in touch with your mentor or have any questions, please contact

*****Due to high demand, we are currently unable to accommodate mentees in several areas, which are noted in the drop down below. Please note that if you apply for one of these areas, we might be unable to match you. Instead, we encourage you to choose a different area of interest if possible.******
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Matches do not expire, so if you were matched with a mentor during a previous cycle, please do not reapply, you can just contact your mentor.  *
If you previously applied to Project SHORT, please explain why you are reapplying. If this is your first time applying, you can just put N/A. *
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We are collecting the following information for two purposes: To better match you with a mentor with shared life experiences, and to assess our goals for reaching underrepresented applicants. These data will only be seen by Project SHORT committee members. Aggregate counts and percentages may be released, but we will never share or sell your personally identifying information at any point. You may select "prefer not answer" to any questions you do not wish to answer.
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Project SHORT aims to combat socioeconomic and systemic inequalities in medical and graduate school admissions. What barriers do you face in applying to medical/graduate school? Please note: we will not be able to match you with a mentor if this question is not answered. *
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