XRR - UK application for Sapling Oaks
We have now completed allocation of the second round of trees. Complete the following form to be put on a standby for trees still requiring homing.
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How many tree would you like to apply for? Min of 5.
Mixed planting *
The campaign does not advocate large planting of single species, if you are planting over 50 oaks have you made provision of mixing other native species amongst them or planting within existing mixed species woodland? The campaign can provide advice on this.
Tree Collection *
Due to COVID-19 restrictions you should not travel large distances, but we do need help by people self organising to perhaps get a friend who is closer to pick them up thus splitting any longer journeys. If however this is impossible, please selection the 'Non of the above, I need help getting my trees'. More pickup points are being offered all the time so we maybe able to get trees closer to you.
Heeling in *
The trees will be a max 80cm in height and will be bare root. The trees will need to be planted within two days or heeled in until they are planted. Heeling in is quick and requires little space - Advice will be available for you. Is this ok?
Tree Guards *
This campaign cannot provide tree guards which are necessary, but will provide suggestions on how to make or acquire them second hand.I understand that the campaign cannot provide tree guards and this is ok
Aftercare *
These saplings will need support with watering for two years and any plastic tree guards will need to be removed after five years. Can you take responsibility for this?
Donation *
Have you already made a donation to the Crowdfund?
Are you a Canopy and Stars or Sawday’s  Owner *
The data you submit will be used for the sole purpose of the Save The Oaks campaign. It will be stored with the Google Form system that is GPDR compliant. It will also be stored in MailChimp CRM to update you on the status of the campaign and you can unsubscribe from this at any time. If you do not consent to this we cannot contact you so therefore we cannot process your application. Email savetheoaks.xrr@gmail.com if you have any queries.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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