Best of the Laws of the Game quiz 2018-2019 questions by Dutch Referee Blog
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1. Another player throwing an object. There's a player on the pitch standing near the penalty area of the opponents. He finds the referee's toss coin and throws it at an opponent who's in the box and hits him in the face. The ball is in play. How will play be restarted? (read carefully) *
2. The ball is between the fingers of the goalie and the ground. He is in control of the ball. Who else is allowed to play the ball? *
3. The referee is in standing in Team D's penalty area. The ball is in possession of an attacker just outside the box. A player of the defending team hits the referee in the face with his fist. He was show a red card. How will play be restarted? With a ... *
4. When is a penalty kick in a penalty series NOT completed yet? *
5. Icelandic striker Finnbogason is standing with one foot on the opponent's half. He's closer to the goal-line than 10 of his opponents. Finnbogason receives the ball after an opponent's pass. He sprints to the goal and shoots it behind the opponent's goalkeeper into the goal. What does the referee decide? *
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