Nominate your performing arts company (theatre or dance), organization, or institution that you work/worked for to make them eligible for a PAAL award. The PAAL award is offered to performing arts companies/organizations/institutions who publicly demonstrate AN ACT OF SUPPORT for family-friendly practices in the form of tangible provision or solutions. These include, but are not exclusive to, tangible maternity/family leave, telecommunications flexibility, children in the space, family-friendly scheduling, childcare accommodations/resources, and more.

You may nominate your own company/organization/institution. These are currently recognition-only awards, but provide theatres with public support for their inclusive practices.

PAAL's YEAR 1, 2017-2018, broke the silence on motherhood, our YEAR 2 commitment for 2018-2019 is INITIATIVES AND SOLUTIONS. One of our action steps is to collect initiatives from performing arts companies/organizations/institutions who are creating family-friendly workspaces to increase the dialogue around how possible it is to create a family-friendly work environment in the performing arts. We will publicly display the awarded performing arts company/organization/institution and their initiative(s) on our site with a brief quote from the story in this application and share the announcement through social media, awarding PAAL badges in different categories, with gold badges for companies who meet 5 or more initiatives in their family-friendly practices.

The nominated performing arts companies/organizations/institutions that are awarded a badge will receive an email to notify them of the activity and intention of public thanks on our platforms for their family-friendly practices. We will also notify you if your nomination culminates in an award via the email address you provide in this form. There is an opportunity at the bottom of this form to include a direct statement from the performing arts company/organization/institution and/or direct email contact to pre-empt the verification process.

To read how your theatre can take action steps, read PAAL Steering Committee member Devon Berkshire's piece"Creating a Family-Friendly Work Environment:"

We look forward to hearing your stories,
Parent Artist Advocacy League for the Performing Arts (PAAL)
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