Survey for Global Trading School in Jan 2021
This is a survey for traders who signed up on Global Trading School.
** The information will NOT be shared in public. **

- Instructions (Expect 10min to complete)
1. Get yourself alone in a calm environment.
2. Take a deep breath before taking the survey.
3. Follow your instinct while answering to the questions. And be honest =)

* Your date of birth, time, and place is also important to know your traits as a trader.
If the time of birth is unknown, put "morning" "Afternoon" or "Evening."
Your real name (First and Last name) *
Your nick name if you have (How you would like to be called in the group) *
Your date of birth, time, and place (name of the city and country) *
Your occupation
Skype ID *
Your availability for 1 on 1 Skype chat before Day 1 *
How long have you been studying and trading forex? *
Having money means being strong. *
I feel bad when someone talks about jokes related to myself. *
I create "to do list" every day. *
When the price reaches to the initial target, I don't want to take the profit, expecting it might extend some more. *
I have the mindset of "Those who come are welcome, those who leave are not regretted." *
I like detailed tasks. *
I get frustrated when someone doesn't act as I say. *
I think most of the people tend to depend on others nowadays. *
Knowing how market moves will help me improve trading. *
Any problems have only 1 answer. *
I like to know who earns more than me. *
Sometimes I become curios about the market and cannot sleep in peace. *
I am a conservative person. *
Sometimes, I wonder there must be a strategy with no loss. *
When deciding where to eat, I value the atmosphere of the restaurant more than the menu. *
I work on problems in accurate and orderly manner. *
I don't want to be a leader in a big group of people. *
I get bored when I meet the same person all the time. *
Perfect trade will offset the feeling of the loss in the past. *
I can just talk to a woman (if you are a female, a man) who is difficult to approach. *
I am good at calculations. *
I get nervous when being interviewed for a big job. *
If I don't have a watch or a clock, I feel uncomfortable. *
Sometimes, I push myself to trade because I don't lose any chance. *
I don't easily trust a judgement from others. *
Tell me your motivation to join GTS *
What would you expect after completing the program? *
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