THC Real Time Monitoring 
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Does your organization extract cannabinoids from cannabis? *
Does your organization extract cannabis or hemp? *
What solvent's do you use for your extraction process? *
How much material do you extract daily?  *
For each type of extraction what type of equipment does your company utilize?  *
Is your organization operating multiple states?  *
What is the most important metric your organization monitors during the extraction process?  *
What area of the extraction process are you looking to optimize?  *
How open is your organization to adopting technological improvements targeted at the industry?  *
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What state would you like to do the install? *
If selected, the $85,000 equipment is free to use for a short duration. The only cost involved is a one-time set up fee where we fly out and install it. Do you have the budget for the $2,250 install.  *
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