Lawrenceville Small Business COVID-19 Impact Survey
The Lawrenceville Corporation's mission is to serve as a catalyst and conduit for responsible growth and development in the Lawrenceville community. We feel it's our responsibility to advocate and deliver policies and resources that will address the significant needs of our small business community during this time.

We hope you will take a few minutes to share with us how you, your business, and your employees have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and related issues.

We will use the results of the survey to inform our own work and programs/ projects that we take on in the next few days/ weeks and in conversations with our elected officials as they work to design policies related to small businesses. Individual responses will not be publicly shared and responses will be kept confidential. Aggregate data will be used for expressing and demonstrating need.

We do plan to follow up with businesses based on this feedback as we implement or learn of applicable resources to address identified needs.

Thank you for your investment in Lawrenceville. Thank you for all the ways you have already responded to this crisis. We are here for you and will continue doing anything we can to support you. If you have any additional questions, you can contact Lauren Connelly, Executive Director at or Rachel Webber, Business District Manager, at
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What is your primary industry?
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Do you own or rent your space?
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What are your TOP 3 business concerns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic?
How can the community support you while practicing social distancing?
Regarding the last question, please place links for any relevant social media posts or where to purchase gift cards
Are you participating in any social or community services we should know about (ex: food for PPS students, meals for out of work service industry workers)?
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If yes, please explain:
In order to get through the economic strife of disruption in business, what strategies have you ALREADY IMPLEMENTED and what are you CONSIDERING?
Limited Hours
Reduced Staff Hours
Laid Off Staff
Shifted to Delivery/Pickup Options
Applied for Loans
Asked for Extension to Pay Debts
Closed Temporarily
Closed Permanently
How long can you sustain business WITHOUT assistance?
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If you have applied for financial relief, which of these have you applied for?
Before the COVID-19 outbreak, how many people did you employ? (Both part and full-time)
Please estimate how many worker's hours will be lost if circumstances stay the same for the next 90 days.
Please estimate the percentage of revenue that will be lost due to the pandemic if cancellations and closures continue over the next 90 days.
Please estimate the monetary amount lost of unrecoverable expenses due to COVID-19 if cancellations and closures continue over the next 90 days.
Is there anything else you would like us to know?
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