Introduction of TRC Workshop

Times Research Consultant (TRC) is one of the leading academic research consultant, which provides online research report writing support, which minimizes time duration of research work more than 60 %. It is covering a wide range of academic disciplines. TRC will serves the worldwide academic communities and contribute to the growth and presentation of social science and scientific knowledge by distributing scientific information, and online solution of research problems that document is advancement in scientific research. It reduces the gap of distance between researcher and supervisor where ever they are available in the world of internet.
It also organizes video conferences, which add-on knowledge in the literature. It further mobilizes research communities, which feel difficulty in reaching in different locations due to constrains of times and money. Meanwhile, it publishes research journals, which serve research community and makes their search work to be read and citrated online faster because of major online circulation, and get their papers downloaded free of cost.
Through a unique blend of experiences of conventional research and online research techniques applied in research report writing for beginners researchers “Times Research Consultant” prepares for completion of their research projects.
Times Research Consultant will be a great symbol of most leading academic research institutes, with the help of online and offline research approaches through research templates as a style and format of research report writing.
Trainings for Following Products of TRC is Available. You can register for training by following link.
Bibliography and References Writing Techniques.
Chapter -1. Thesis Writing Techniques
Chapter -2. Thesis Writing Techniques.docx
Chapter -3. Thesis Writing Techniques
Chapter -4. Thesis Writing Techniques
Chapter -5. Thesis Writing Techniques
Eviews Training Workshop
MOZ Training Workshop
Preliminary pages preparation
Presentation for Final defend of thesis
Questionnaire Development Techniques
Research Papers Writing Techniques
SPSS Training Workshop
Synopsis Writing Techniques
Thesis Writing Techniques (overall)
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