The Moral Activist Wandercast Feedback
We really appreciate your feedback - the information you provide will help in our bid to save The Hidden Chapel
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Had you heard of Francis Haydn Williams (FHW) before doing the Wandercast?
If so, what did you know about him?
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Do you feel that you now know more about FHW?
Do you feel that you now know more about Victorian Whitby?
After having done The Moral Activist Wandercast, would you like to know more about FHW?
If The Hidden Chapel was open more often, would you like to visit?
What sorts of activities would you like to see provided at The Hidden Chapel? (If you answered ‘No’ or ‘Maybe’ above, what would make you more likely to visit?)
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Did doing The Moral Activist Wandercast make you see today’s Whitby in a new light?
If so, could you please describe your experience?
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What was the best thing about The Moral Activist Wandercast?
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