How many classics do you own? *
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What year is the car you want to tell us about? *
Please tell us the year your car was registered. If you have multiple classics, either choose one car or alternatively you can complete a survey for each car you own.
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What is the make? *
What is the model and trim level? *
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Are you a member of a classic car club? *
If you answered yes, which club are you a member of?
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Where did you buy your car from? *
Did you spend hours searching the classifieds, hit the auctions, or hassle a friend?
Why did you buy it? *
Maybe it was a bargain, or a long-held childhood dream, maybe your dad used to have one - or maybe it was just a bargain
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How much was it? *
What price did you pay for it? Or, if leasing, how much are you paying per month?
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How long have you owned this car for? *
Still in the honeymoon period or sick of the sight of it?
What is your average annual mileage? *
Just a pop to shops once in awhile or more regular longer distances?0 - 4,999 miles
Taking everything into account, how satisfied are you with your car? *
Was it described fairly - or did the seller pull the wool over your eyes? The higher the score, the more satisfied you are.
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Extremely satisfied
If you have suffered problems in the past year, what have they been?
How satisfied are you with its reliability? *
Rock solid and dependable or more unpredictable than the weather? The higher the score, the more satisfied you are.
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What fuel economy have you been achieving?
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How important is fuel economy to you? *
Not very important
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How do you feel about the cost of repairing your car? *
A low mark indicates that you’ve had to spend a lot of money on parts and labour to keep your classic on the road. A higher score shows that you’ve been happy with the costs so far.
Totally dissatisfied
Extremely satisfied
What are your feelings about your car’s steering, brakes and cornering? *
We’re looking for you to rate what it’s like to steer and how it behaves when you’re cornering. We’re not looking for test driver feedback, just an idea of how it meets your expectations and whether or not you feel at east when running with modern traffic.
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Is your classic car better than your modern? *
If it’s easy to park, has a sweet gearchange and doesn’t make you grumble around town, mark it up. Consider the driving position and what visibility is like.
No - I prefer driving my modern
Yes - I'd drive my classic every day if I could
How practical is your car? *
Is there enough room for everything you want to do? If it’s a two-seat coupe you wouldn’t expect it to fit the whole family, so think about how it matches up to your own lifestyle. If it’s a family car, does it make family life easier - or are the seats heavy and difficult to fold and/or remove?
Totally dissatisfied
Extremely satisfied
How safe do you feel your in your classic? *
Does it have seatbelts? Are the brakes up to the job?
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What is the best thing about your classic car? *
What one thing would you improve about your car? *
Would you buy this car again? *
When do plan to buy your next car? *
How much do you think you will spend? *
If so, what’s your reason for changing? *
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How will you pay for your car? *
Where do you get your servicing/repairs done? *
What jobs do you do on the car yourself? *
Are you totally hands off or a happy home fettler? Where do you draw the line and call in the experts?
Where do you get your spare parts from? *
How satisfied are you with the quality of replacement classic car parts? *
Very dissatisfied
Very satisfied
Which company insures your classic? *
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How much is your annual premium (£) *
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How satisfied are you with your insurance company? *
Totally dissatisfied
Extremely satisfied
Do you plan to renew your insurance with this company? *
Which modern car do you think will be a future classic? *
Does retro-styling guarantee future classic? Or is it purity of design? Does heritage automatically gain you entrance to the club? Or does it have to be something special?
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Should the Government bring back a rolling 30-year road tax exemption for classic cars? *
Should classic cars be exempt from the MoT test? *
What is your email address? *
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What era of classics are you most interested in? *
Do you own a modern car, too? *
If so, what is its registration number?
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