Candidate Questionnaire for Non-GMO Project Board and/or Standards Committee
For prospective candidates interested in being considered for appointment to one of the Non-GMO Project's governing bodies
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Company/Affiliation (if any)
Contact Information
Expert Contribution
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What communities do you identify with?
Which governance body are you interested in serving on?
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Why do you want to serve on the Non-GMO Project Board and/or Standards Committee? What do you hope to get out of your service?
What is your vision for the future of the Non-GMO Project?
Please describe any experience you have with standards, certification, and/or GMOs.
Please describe any past board, committee or group decision-making experience that you have.
How would you rate your level of experience as a Board member?
Very little experience
A lot of experience
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Have you ever answered to a Board, and if so in what capacity (what was your role)?
Have you ever held an officer position on a Board? If so, in what role(s), and for which Board(s).
Are you potentially interested in serving as an officer for the Non-GMO Project Board? *
Time Commitments/Availability
Board of Directors = 2 in person retreats/year (1.25 days in a central location), 4 x 2-hour calls/year, 6 x 60-minute committee call roughly every other month (total average time commitment, including prep and committee work, is approximately 4-5 hrs/month total, plus travel time for retreats)
Standards Committee = 6-9 90-minute calls during the Standard Revision process (biannually), plus 4-6 hours of training and technical review time/year; one in-person meeting/year (one day, travel expenses paid)
Do you you have any concerns about your ability to meet the time commitments outlined above?
Clear selection
How long are you interested in serving for? (Board appointments are for a minimum three-year term, with a maximum of 3 terms)
How soon are you available? Do you have any major time constraints in the coming months?
Do you promise to support the Project’s mission of preserving and building sources of non-GMO products, educating consumers, and providing verified non-GMO choices?
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Do you attest that you have not been the employee of, nor knowingly maintain any direct interest, financial or otherwise, in organizations that explicitly develop or promote the use of GMOs?
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Are you aware of any other potential conflict of interest?
Is there anything else you would like to share?
Any final comments?
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