Feedback on your RunLife 5k Training Plan
RunLife is all about improvement. In our most recent test group, the 40 runners we tracked, on average, cut almost 3 minutes off their 5k finish time. We’re thrilled we got to help these runners improve! Now WE want to improve our product, and we’re asking for YOUR help. Please take a moment to share your thoughts. Responses are private and will not be shared.

How closely did you follow your plan? Or how closely do you intend to?
Didn't follow at all
Followed very closely
Has your RunLife training plan helped you improve?
Do you like the idea of personalized training--a plan that is created just for you?
Is an assessment of how you compare to other similar runners useful to you?
How well did your RunLife plan address your particular training needs?
Very bad job addressing my needs
Very good job addressing my needs
Does a RunLife training plan provide more insight than other training plans into ways of improving your running performance?
Which factors were most interesting to read about in your RunLife training plan?
Please check all that apply.
What other factors impact your running that we didn't address?
Examples: Injury, Energy, Nutrition, Weather, Work, Parenting...
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What's your favorite thing about the plan?
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What's your least favorite thing about the plan?
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What features could we add that would make our training more useful to you?
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RunLife plans discuss sensitive topics like sleep, drinking, and body weight. How did you find our approach and tone, when addressing these topics?
Please check all that apply.
Are you currently (or will you be) implementing any of the lifestyle recommendations from your RunLife training plan?
Were our pace recommendations ok for you?
Pace recommendations are based on a combination of personal factors
Was the mileage about right for you?
Mileage is based on a combination of personal factors.
What do you think a runner might expect to pay for a RunLife 5k Training Plan?
Compared to other training plans you've seen, used, or considered, is RunLife's training: better, worse, or about even?
(On a scale from -3 to +3, with 0 being about even with other plans)
What rating would you give RunLife, overall?
What is one thing we could do to improve that rating?
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What RunLife product(s) would you be most interested in seeing next?
Any other thoughts or feedback?
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How likely would you be to recommend RunLife to another runner?
Very unlikely
Very likely
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