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NOTE: All positions are fully remote and voluntary. You may apply for more than one role. We correspond with our staff (announcements, direct messages, etc) over the messaging app Discord and our workspace is Trello.

Film/Fashion + Beauty/Astrology + Spirituality/Sex + Intimacy/Personal Essay Writers: Pitch and write one article for the online journal weekly.

Photographers: Contribute photography both as content and to accompany written pieces. Both film and digital photography are welcomed. However we prefer to showcase film photography.

Fashion Editors: Write opinion pieces on current events and trends in fashion, conduct features of designers/fashion figures/creatives. Please provide examples of work you have done or a plan of what you wish to do (e.g list of potential people to contact for features, list of article titles)

Music Editors: Create content on the music industry--e.x. conduct interviews, write commentary on issues or relevant topics in the music world, lead fun PR projects with musicians--and curate themed playlists.

Artists: Contribute art to both the site and current issue. Collage, physical and digital art all welcomed.

Layout Graphic Designers: Curate and design magazine spreads for issue. MUST work or have worked with InDesign and/or Photoshop. Provide examples of previous graphic design work.

Editors (Fiction and Nonfiction): Copy-edit submitters' work and work with staff writers to refine their weekly contributions. MUST have very strong grammar skills; previous experience as an editor is preferred but not required. Time commitment: ~2h/week

Tik Tok Manager: Create tiktoks for the Ogma Magazine tiktok account, following trends and promoting our content! Must have successful TikTok experience and please provide examples of Tiktoks.

• part of a team of creatives working on what we are passionate about <3
• work experience for your cv
• writing and designing work can all go in your portfolio
• the joy of creating and doing what you love :3
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If you choose an editing position, you will be sent a follow-up email with a short example poetry, fiction, or nonfiction submission and asked to copy-edit and add content suggestions. This is so that we can get a sense of your grammar skills and how you'd work with our staff!
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