DNR_RND Research Questions
DNR_RND (Do Not Resuciatate_Research and Development) is a project initiated by artist Ashok Mistry which will consist of a series of conversations, articles and events aimed at interrogating which aspects of the arts sector should not be 'resuscitated' following the Covid-19 crisis, and what more progressive structures might replace them. Thank you for participating in this piece of research. Your answers will remain anonymous, unless you want to be credited. We may share some contributions on the DNR_RND blog on Disability Arts Online. If you have further questions or comments, please contact ashok_glow@yahoo.co.uk
How would you describe your role in the arts sector? (e.g. artist, producer, curator, arts administrator, work for a funder etc.) *
What do you see as the main barriers to diversity having agency in the mainstream? *
How can we stop the value that disabled people bring to society and to the arts from losing prominence? *
Do you think protected characteristics have become more visible in the arts and if so, why? *
How do you see the art sector changing in the months and years to come? (especially in light of Covid-19)? *
What is the one aspect or practice within the arts sector that you think should not be resuscitated? *
What single positive change in the arts sector would have the biggest impact? *
If you're happy for your answers to used publicly and credited to you and/or contacted for a follow-up conversation, please leave your name and email address
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