Statement of Intent
This form should be completed in order to begin the mentoring process through IPC.
Spiritual Mentoring at IPC
As part of our church's commitment to “Up, In and Out”, IPC is making a coordinated effort in the area of spiritual mentoring.

In order to grow discipleship at IPC,

1. spiritual growth is facilitated through mentoring relationships,
2. which in turn leads to a deeper faith and stronger community,
3. which is ultimately discipleship in Christ.

As part of this effort, those interested are invited to participate in building such a discipling relationship.

Prerequisite Check
Before entering into a mentoring relationship through IPC, you need to do some preparation. Links for the full description of the discipleship initiative at IPC, along with the training video, can be found at > Connect > Discipleship Mentoring.
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Reciprocal Commitment
IPC is making a commitment to foster and grow discipleship through spiritual mentoring, through giving its’ time, resources and attention across staff and the congregation. This Statement is a way for mentors and mentees to make a reciprocal commitment towards this process at IPC.
"I commit myself to engaging in building a discipleship relationship through spiritual mentoring for the next six months. I will meet with the assigned mentor/mentee at least once per month during the initial six month commitment." *
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